How do I pronounce your name?

Tuh-naaz Bhaa-thay-naa. You can hear me pronounce it here.

What is the inspiration behind your books? / What is your writing process like? 

For information on my books and writing process, please check the interviews provided on my biography page.

I would like to receive an advance reading copy (ARC) of your book.

For review copies, please contact one of my publicists listed here. You may also request an e-ARC via Edelweiss or NetGalley. I do not personally send out physical or digital review copies of my books, nor do I respond to emails or social media messages requesting the same.

We are a book club for teens / adults reading one of your books. Would you join us and answer reader questions?

I would love to, depending on my availability. Please email me at tanazbhathenabooks@gmail.com with details.

Will you read my manuscript and give me feedback? / Will you help me with my school book report?

I am not able to do either of these things. If you’re an aspiring writer working to improve your craft, do look into sites such as Poets & Writers and the Absolute Write Water Cooler for information.

What do you do for fun?

Apart from the obvious (reading!), I listen to music, travel to different countries, and watch Bollywood movies. (Lots of Bollywood movies!)