How do I pronounce your name?

Tuh-naaz Bhaa-thay-naa. You can hear me pronounce it here.

What inspired you to write A Girl Like That?

I have a blog post about this on Fierce Reads.

Are A Girl Like That and The Beauty of the Moment #ownvoices?

A Girl Like That is #ownvoices for Zoroastrianism and expat life in Saudi Arabia. The Beauty of the Moment is #ownvoices for Zoroastrianism and Indian-Canadian immigrant life.  Click here to learn more about #ownvoices.

I am a librarian or teacher or book blogger and would like a review copy (ARC) of your book/s.

For review copies, please contact one of my publicists listed here.

Do you do school or library visits in person or via Skype?

Yes! Please e-mail me at tanazbhathenabooks@gmail.com for rates and availability.

For Ontario teachers: I am a member of the Writers Union of Canada and a participating author in the Ontario Writers-in-the-Schools program. For more information on subsidized school visits, please click here.

What do you do for fun?

Apart from the obvious (reading!), I listen to music, travel to different countries, and watch Bollywood movies. (Lots of Bollywood movies!)